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When Two Worlds Meet

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A Multi Award Winning TV Medium, Paranormal Investigator,

Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker and Columnist


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Psychic Development Workshop


Join us for a full day to discover your Psychic Abilities, no matter your skill level.


We are just planning our workshops for 2019.


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If you want to develop you abilities, you've come to the right place. We offer Private and Group Tuiton for everyone.


We cover all levels of Mediumship training from Awareness to Development and the more Advanced stages for those who want to work on stage and in public.


Monthly Development Groups

We have three Monthly Development Groups (Mansfield, Buxton and Belper). Please get in touch and join us so that you can develop with others, we all learn and develop together.

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2019 is already proving to be a busy a year for us.


We are just in the process of planning our tour of Spain, Italy and Germany for 2019.


There's going to be some great events for you coming up soon.


We will be working closely with Mind, Body and Spirit and Well Being Events.


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Lizian Events


Barrie is also training to be a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, as well as International Massage. This will compliment our range of services which we can offer you, to look after your


Events coming up

We have worked with some of the greatest names and companies in the Mediumship and Paranormal Industry.


So please get in touch if you would like us to be involved in your latest projects and events.


We also work closely with National TV and Media to consult and advise on high profile stories.

We support many charity events, so please get in touch and see if we can help you with fund raising.

2nd December 2018

Mansfield Spiritualist Church

Divine Service with Barrie John


8th December 2018

Las Vegas Dinner with Barrie John

Mansfield Civic Centre


10th December 2018

New Leaf Holistics



Psychic Evening with Barrie John, with Buffet and Cocktails


15 December 2018

Psychic Evening with Barrie John





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