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When Two Worlds Meet


Mediumship Demonstration

For all our upcoming events, please feel free to browse through our Events pages. To make it easier for you, we have all our events list per month. Please select a month from the drop down menu.


Please note that our events pages change daily due to new and additional events being added for you.


Feel free to contact us if you would like any further information on any of our events.

All our Mediumship Demonstration Evenings/Nights cater for larger groups at various venues both Nationally and Internationally.


During the event we aim to give as many messages as possible, however we are unable to give everyone a message due to connections, tiredness and time restraints.


We ask that during our demonstrations, that all mobiles are either turned off or put on silent to avoid distruption to the demonstration and for others comfort.


Can we please ask that you discuss your readings at the end of the demonstratio and not during the show.



We aim to cover all topics and levels of mediumship and metaphysical.


Our training covers from Awareness, Development and Advance Mediumship.

Monthly Spiritual Groups

We run Monthly Spiritual Development Groups, these being in Mansfield, Belper and also Buxton.


All groups are 'Open Groups' and not 'Closed' and you are welcome to join us anytime, to fit in with your own diary arrangements.

Ghost Hunts

We work with many of the National Ghost Hunting Companies.


Please look out for our 'Midweek Mayhem' Ghost Hunts, these are a 3 hour Ghost Hunt during the evenings.

Mind, Body & Spirit and Well Being Events

We support all MBS and Well-being Events


We offer


Private Readings

Public Talks


Mediumship Demonstrations


Look out for us at the events